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The Clay County Farm looking west.

This Web Site is for the family and friends of Ken and Barbara.
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Spring has now arrived and the weather has settled into on and off rain.

Winter was mostly quiet. Babs and I stayed home this winter and passed up the opportunity to go to Florida. We made some trips to Lancaster and some senior trips. One highlight was our visit to Annapolis to see Hope in two plays. It seems that she has an artistic bent and has shown talent in the theater. Ken made a trip to Mpls to attend a Univac/Unisys reunion and saw colleagues from 30+ years past.

Plans for this summer are shaping up. We plan to go to Stoors to attend Henry's graduation from High School. Babs has us going to Boston for a womens group convention.

Probably our highlight trip will be back to SD for her college reunion. We plan on seeing her college roommates and fellow students of the past. Ken will try to stop by his old alma mater and say hello.

So that sums it up for now. We hope your summer is good and safe. As always, if you are in our neck of the woods give a call or send an email, we'd love to hear from you.

Till vår Svenska vänner vi ger våra varmaste välkomna! Om du planerar en resa till USA, vänligen meddela oss. Vi har gott om plats för ett besök och vi finns mitt emellan New York och Washington DC. Philadelphia ligger bara 30 minuter bort.